It’s summertime and it is hot and humid.  We are in the heart of our outdoor masonry season, rebuilding chimneys, constructing outdoor fireplaces, and sprucing things up with stucco and veneer stone.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions we receive in the office during these balmy days:

Q:  My fireplace smells like bacon. What’s the problem?

A: The underlying cause is likely creosote. If you didn’t have your fireplace cleaned at the end of the burning season, the creosote smell can flow down the chimney and through the fireplace. This especially seems to occur on humid days or anytime there is negative pressure in the house, (while running an exhaust fan, air conditioner, etc.)  Sometimes this smell can occur even if your chimney is clean. If you have a terracotta liner or porous masonry in the fireplace system, the creosote can soak into the pores making it impossible to remove completely.

Q:  My chimney looks like it’s missing some mortar. Can you come out and fix it in a short appointment?

A:  Not usually.  Many times, what you can see from the ground looks far different when we put up the ladder and do a closer inspection.  Our experts will take a look and make a recommendation for a quality, lasting repair.

Q:  Why do I have to wait so long for a chimney cleaning appointment?

A:  Our company offers quality craftsmanship and careful attention to each chimney.  At this time of year, we are doing masonry and other projects that can extend several weeks.  This can lead to a wait of several weeks for your cleaning appointment. Please call to schedule well in advance!

Enjoy your summer – it will be gone before you know it!